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We are a close-knit neurodiverse community supporting our fellow neurodivergent people and parents of neurodiverse children. We strive to assist others in learning to understand and accept those that are neurodiverse. Our community is full of people that have become friends and have a reverence towards each other and it has a warm welcoming atmosphere where everyone knows each other and their strengths, weaknesses, struggles and strives to help them navigate through to feel less anxious and more secure.

We aim to provide as many ways to communicate as is possible via technlogy. Besides an IRC network we provide forums, teamspeak for voicechat and an independent email all catered to stay in contact with fellow autistics and other neurodiverse people. We strive to remain as independent as possible to guarantee the privacy of our users. Hop into #openasd or #chatautism on the chat to instantly communicate with fellow peers on the spectrum or write blogstyle posts on the forums to let others see your creativity.
It's all up to you!

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IRC Server ports

Hi everyone,

I recently realised that the ports to our IRC server are somewhat vague, so I will reiterate them here:
- No SSL: 6667 and 9001
- SSL     : 6668 and 9002
Hopefully now everyone can join our nice online IRC community :)

Cheers, Pip

Posted by: Pip on 02/18/17 10:35 PM
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